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Completa evaluación de rutas: TIS-Web® Motion

Display de mapa con datos reales e históricos para asistencia en planificación

TIS-Web® Motion
TIS-Web® Motion
DTCO SmartLink
TIS-Web Fleet App


  • Planificación flexible de rutas flexible y kilometros
  • Transmisión de datos del conductor y del vehículo a TIS-Web a través de una aplicación para smartphone
  • Visualización en un mapa de las ubicaciones y rutas del vehículo
  • Ver la capacidad de carga actual de todos los vehículos
  • Preparar informes de ruta incluyendo los puntos de inicio y de parada (función opcional en combinación con la gestión de datos TIS-Web y GeoLoc, para la versión 2.1 o superior del tacógrafo)


  • Para la localización en tiempo real:
    TIS-Web (Modulo Motion) + fleet app + DTCO SmartLink
  • Para análisis y trazabilidad:
    TIS-Web (Módulo Motion y modulo gestión de datos+DLD II descarga remota larga distancia y versión 2.1 o superiores

Ahora puedes transferir fácilmente los datos actualizados del conductor y del vehículo a TIS-Web utilizando la app. Con el DTCO SmartLink instalado y la app TIS-Web fleet se transmite los datos del tacógrafo al software de gestión de flotas cada 5 minutos. Una visualización del mapa en TIS-Web® Motion muestra dónde se encuentra actualmente el vehículo y el conductor. Incluso se pueden transmitir información sobre posibilidad de carga adicional mediante la función de carga del vehículo. Esto permite calcular rápidamente la hora de llegada prevista e identificar el vehículo más adecuado para un nuevo pedido en un corto periodo de tiempo.


More than 20,000 companies throughout Europe already use TIS-Web to optimise their fleet management and store data in accordance with the law. The software consists of three individual services that can be added according to requirements.

What's new in TIS-Web

TIS-Web will be permanentely updated and improved. Find here all relevant features of this TIS Web release at a glance:

That's new in TIS-Web DMM

General Improvements

New Switchboard Layout

The new TIS-Web Switchboard is working now also in responsive design. Each service has an own tab and shows already some important information on different service tabs.


Infringement details report

The infringement report has been modified and enhanced with additional information.


Unregistered driver report

Drivers who have used a certain vehicle and inserted their driver card, are shown on this report if those drivers are not registered in Driver master data.


Scheduled reports with CSV attachment

„Scheduled reports“ now can also be defined as CSV attachment. More reports have been added for export.


Country Specific Improvements

Real Decreto 1082/2014 for Spanish islands

Special infringement regulation for Spanish Islands.


New Service TIS-Web VTS

Vehicle and Trailer Service

For further information please click the folders down below.

TIS-Web data management (DMM)

Have a clear overview of all the important fleet data on your screen and create reports with a single click. You can also export figures in CSV format to import them into your company's own data processing systems.

Optimise vehicle deploymentundefined

A clear overview of driving and idle times shows the utilisation rate of your vehicles and provides important information for vehicle scheduling.




Just one click to import data from the digital tachograph and driver cardundefined

You can import driver and vehicle data with all VDO download solutions, such as DLK Pro or DLD, in TIS-Web. Analogue tachograph disks are imported using the VDO Chart Analyzer or TIS-Web Scanner.

Just select the appropriate device and the download starts automatically.


Check if statutory requirements are metundefined

You see at one glance if all downloads have been made without any gaps.

In addition, you can monitor driving and rest periods as well as traffic violations for each individual driver with a single click. You can add comments to events directly for future company inspections.


Check the driving habits of your driversundefined

Charts that show speed and acceleration patterns provide an indication of driving style.




Reward exemplary performanceundefined

You can compare driving performance and habits at a glance using the drivers' scorecard on the basis of self-defined criteria (fuel consumption, kilometres travelled, traffic violations), providing a good basis for bonus systems.



Simplify your staff planningundefined

The drivers' calendar helps you to plan their work schedules efficiently.
This allows you to produce a clear record of activities such as work, holiday, sickness and absence in the calendar.

TIS-Web® Motion

See vehicle movement on a clear map overview. You see immediately which vehicle can take on an additional load without making a long detour. If you want to display location data in TIS-Web® Motion, you only need your vehicles to be equipped with a digital tachograph with Release 1.3 or higher, a SmartLink and the free TIS-Web Fleet app.

If a DTCO 1381 digital tachograph with Release 2.0a or higher is installed in the vehicle, information on the VDO Counter can be displayed in addition to location data. Regardless of the DTCO Release, the loads are also transmitted, which can be entered manually by the driver. This allows you to calculate free capacity quickly and also see how much driving time remains for each of the drivers.

Display the routes travelled by your trucks. Location data from DTCO 2.1 (with GeoLoc connected) is transmitted to TIS-Web DMM and displayed via TTIS-Web® Motion.

TIS-Web Communicator

TIS-Web is suitable for small, medium and large fleets and can be adjusted according to need. This is because the software consists of individual modules which can be added or removed according to need. The transparent annual fee is equally flexible: it is calculated based on the size of your fleet and the selected functionality. You always benefit from optimal cost transparency.

By the way: TIS-Web® is also available as the TIS-Web® Starter Kit, including DLK Download Key Pro and in the form of a "Lite" version for small fleets.

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TIS-Web Vehicle & Trailer Service (VTS) Trailer

Trailer analysis features inside TIS Web VTS:

Trailer Dashboard

  • Driven kilometers of trailer
    (with DTCO and SmartLink over DTCO odometer and as „Stand Alone“ over GPS calculation
  • Driver and Vehicle information
    (with DTCO and SmartLink over DriverCard and as „Stand Alone“ over Fleet App Account)
  • Statistical usage of trailer in diagrams
  • Actual position

Trailer Master Data

  • Asset management for trailers
    - Possibility to handle independently from vehicle
  • Usable for trailer companies (w/o vehicle recording)
  • Usable for asset management in fleets with vehicles and trailers



  • Continous positioning according to mobile or last postion after hook off
  • Overview of all trailers
  • Positioning with geofence
    - Geofencing when entering and leaving with notification
    - Setting of geofence in the rules for trailer (with centre and radius)
  • Detail data for trips is kept for 3 month



  • Notification about trailer events via configurable mail account

Trailer features inside Fleet App:*

*All features are available on iOS from Apple after app update end of June 2016


Hook ON / Hook OFF

  • Trailer  registration manually or by use of QR code via Trailer ID
  • With SmartLink (vehicle registraion automatically)


Health Check with Trailer Checklist

  • Trailer Health Check can be made on mobile (paperless)
  • Transferreing to backend, available in TIS-Web for fleet owners
  • Check for maintenance, interior, liquids/pressure, safety etc.
  • Send details with remark and photograph and/or pictures


Cargo Check with Cargo Checklist

  • Check for import, export and seals
  • Set trailer load
  • Check seal condition and numbers


Messaging or Alert

  • With comments and pictures about trailer status
  • Text plus photographs and/or pictures
  • Messaging from driver to fleet owner


Vehicle Load

  • The total vehicle load can be inserted manually and transfered to TIS-Web


TIS-Web Vehicle & Trailer Service (VTS) Vehicle

Vehicle analysis features inside TIS Web VTS:


Vehicle and Driver Dashboard

  • Different widgets can be seen like
    - Fuel usage
    - Fuel distance ratio
    - Vehicle load
    - Vehicle load distance ratio
    - Usage per day
    - Usage per week day
    - Usage per period
    - Road types duration ratio
    - Road types distance ratio
  • Driver behaviour check


Vehicle Tracking Dashboard

On Dashboard customer can see actual position, alerts, vehicle load and driver


Vehicle Cockpit

  • Different widgets can be seen like
    - Last vehicle position
    - Telltale status
    - Fuel consumption


Vehicle Routes

  • On Tracing customer can see different routes for selected vehicles with summary information


Alerts and Events

  • Customer can define own alerts and events like overspeeding which can be viewed on this tab


TIS-Web Connect

Your key into new business opportunities with digital tachographs from VDO

Via TIS-Web Connect you can easily transfer your data from your server into TIS-Web. This way your data is safely archived and you don’t need your data to be duplicated.

With TIS-Web Connect we provide a fully automatic data transfers from different clouds into the cloud of TIS-Web, our powerful online data management solution.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Fully automated and quick data transfer
  • Secured authentication process
  • Easy account enabling

More information

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TIS Web Extract

TIS-Web Extract is a new service in TIS-Web which will allow third parties to connect to TIS-Web server and retrieve specific datasets of the accounts.

This service allows TIS-Web to partner with third party companies, who develop and distribute powerful telematics services, and serve as a backend platform for them for e.g. Payroll systems


Customer Benefits

  • Easy TIS-Web account enabling for third party telematics sofware integration like payroll systems.
  • Secure authentication process
  • Sending the driver activities data overnight for the customer account where TIS-Web Extract  is enabled for third party software solution
  • Enabling third party software solution provider to utilize the driver data for payrolls and other fields of applications
  • Fully automated data transfer

More information

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Internet-based software

For TIS-Web you do not need your own IT infrastructure and do not have to look after data backups or software updates, because all the data is stored and encrypted on a separate internet server. This makes the solution especially suitable for fleets with a number of sites, because the data is always available independently of the site.

Modular structure and payment model according to use

TIS-Web is suitable for small, medium and large fleets and can be adjusted according to need. This is because the software consists of individual modules which can be added or removed according to need. The transparent annual fee is equally flexible: it is calculated based on the size of your fleet and the selected functionality. You always benefit from optimal cost transparency.

By the way: TIS-Web® is also available as the TIS-Web® Starter Kit, including DLK Download Key Pro and in the form of a "Lite" version for small fleets.

Contact a VDO partner and ask for a custom quotation:

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Case Study – J Sanders & Son


J Sanders & Son

VDO Daily Vehicle Check

  • Company Profile
    J Sanders & Son is an independent family run scrap metal recycler. They have been trading for over 50 years and pride themselves on building a business that continuously strives to be both competitive and environmentally responsible, whilst still maintaining their strong ethics.
  • Fleet Size
    6 HGV’s fitted with VDO digital tachographs.
  • Business Issue
    J Sanders had been running a paper based daily vehicle check procedure for their HGV vehicles. The procedure was laborious with the issuing of daily check paper pads and a maintenance process of collecting and storing the completed information, having to manually monitor the missed and failed vehicle checks and produce reports. With the introduction of new vehicles in their fleet they decided it was time to seek a more efficient way of complying with daily vehicle checks.
  • Continental Solution
    The Daily Vehicle Check function on the VDO TIS-Web Fleet App and VDO TIS-Web online analysis and archiving.

    The VDO TIS-Web system provides the internet based tachograph data analysis service and the TIS-Web Fleet app is downloaded from Google Play store to the driver’s Smartphone. By registering the Driver and Smartphone to the TIS-Web system the driver can send the completed vehicle checks to TIS-Web for electronic storage and the subsequent reporting and audit trail of the passed, failed and missed vehicle checks.
  • Key Benefits
    Cost savings in terms of administration and resource carrying out the Daily Checks. Maintaining an audit trail and reporting on the missed and failed daily vehicle checks across the whole fleet becomes much easier and quicker and the whole procedure is a lot more efficient than a paper based system.

Customer Comment

“The VDO Daily Vehicle Check has ticked all the boxes. Not only did we require a process which was quicker, we also wanted a system that was proactive in flagging faults or defects and the VDO TIS-Web system has achieved all this for us. The driver’s morning routine is much more efficient and a quick glance at TIS-Web’s dashboard feature provides a snapshot of the status of the daily vehicle checks for the whole fleet.”
Commented Tim Murphy, Office Manager


Case Study – Snelgrove Trucks


Snelgrove Trucks

VDO TIS-Web® and TIS-Web® Fleet App

  • Company Profile
    Haulage contractor based in Somerset.
  • Fleet Size
    15 HGV’s
  • Business Issue
    A requirement to make downloading quicker and easier with one software solution rather than several different products operating separately.
  • Continental Solution
    VDO TIS-Web® and TIS-Web® Fleet App
  • Key Benefits
    Simpler operating system that allows efficient downloading of both Driver Card and Vehicle Unit data remotely and safer methods of monitoring vehicles with the additional benefit of being able to communicate to the drivers and complete the daily vehicle checks electronically.

Customer Comment

“We were really impressed with the VDO product portfolio and the fact that we could go to one manufacturer that could supply the equipment to meet any of our requirements. Not only do they make the tachographs but they give us a trusted range of data management solutions at the right price.”
Dave Casling, Transport Office Manager


Additional products

TIS-Web Fleet App

TIS-Web fleet app

The app for drivers and fleet managers

When you use TIS-Web, your drivers can receive automatic download reminder messages with this free app.

Download it now (for Android) Download it now (for iOS)
DLD Wide Range Ⅱ

DLD® Wide Range II

Remote download via GPRS

Download driver and vehicle data when in the office using the GPRS network when the truck is still out on the road. This allows you to analyse all the information in TIS-Web® Motion, even in real time.

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